• Three armed and uniformed officers posing beside police vehicles.
  • Uniformed Santa Paula Police Department officers posing with their vehicles.
  • Uniformed officer sitting in a police vehicle using a computer, with a K-9 unit in the back seat.
  • Uniformed officer riding a police motorcycle.
  • Three uniformed officers in the process of placing a civilian into handcuffs.
  • Making Arrest (JPG)
  • Armored officer with a K-9 unit secured to them, aiming a rifle while suspended from rope.
  • Uniformed officer aiming a handgun while leaned against police vehicle with a K-9 inside.
  • Two uniformed officers talking to a civilian outside a gas station.
  • Uniformed officer walking down dim tunnel, holding flashlight and accompanied by a K-9 unit.
  • Three uniformed officers standing and talking to a civilian who is seated on a curb.
  • Three uniformed officers crossing a bridge with railroad tracks.
  • Detectives examining a crime scene that is cordoned off with yellow police tape.
  • Police officer in body armor and helmet, aiming a rifle.
  • A uniformed police officer lying on the ground aiming a rifle on a tripod with a K-9 unit laying bes
  • Camouflage uniformed and armored police officers posing beside a SWAT vehicle.
  • Uniformed police officers talking to civilian through a car window.
  • Two uniformed police walking, one holding a baton.

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