9. How do I protest?

If you wish to protest any of the above increases, you must submit a written protest, signed and in writing, by including your name and service address or assessor parcel number to the City Clerk of the City of Santa Paula at 970 Ventura Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060, provided written protests are received prior to the close of the Public Hearing, which will occur when the public testimony on the proposed increases and adjustments is concluded. Any written protest must: (1) state that the identified property owner or tenant (i.e., customer of record) opposes the proposed fee increases to the Solid Waste Collection Rates; (2) provide the location of the identified parcel (by street address or assessor’s parcel number); and (3) include the name and signature of the property owner or tenant submitting the protest.  On the envelope please note:  Attn:  Public Hearing of Solid Waste Rate Changes. A protest letter can be done by any property owner or tenant (i.e., a customer of record) directly responsible for the payment of solid waste collection fees. Only one protest will be counted per identified address/parcel.

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9. 9. How do I protest?
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