2. Is SB1383 a State mandate?

Yes, as a result of SB 1383, the City must require residents and businesses to separate organic waste (food waste and green waste) from other trash to be managed at a facility other than the landfill. To accomplish this, all property owners, residents, and businesses, will be required to enroll automatically in collection services for trash, recycling, and organic waste. Failure by the City to comply with the law can result in penalties of up to $10,000 per day.  In order to facilitate these new requirements, a new franchise agreement with new service rates has been negotiated.


If a business believes they qualify for an exemption from this requirement please contact City’s solid waste consultant at (805) 495-7521 or by email at info@sws-inc.com, or contact Athens directly at 888-336-6100. The City’s solid waste consultant will review the form and determine if your business is exempt from the requirement of AB 1826/SB 1383.  The City will follow up with an e-mail notification of the review and advise if the waiver is approved or if organics program enrollment service is required.

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2. 2. Is SB1383 a State mandate?
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