1. Why are my trash rates changing?

All current trash rates are increasing as a result of the expiration of the expiring solid waste franchise agreement and the negotiation with Athens Services of a new franchise agreement.  The new agreement is in compliance with all State mandated solid waste programs, including SB1383. SB1383 is intended to reduce the emissions of climate pollutants (greenhouse gases) by 1) diverting 75% statewide disposal of organic waste from landfills; 2) recovering at least 20% edible food instead of throwing in the trash by commercial food generators by 2025; and 3) procuring recycled organic waste products for use within the City. In order to achieve these requirements, the law imposes obligations that will affect trash collection in the City of Santa Paula, its franchised hauler operations, City program compliance reporting, and therefore increases costs for all residents and businesses.

To find out more about SB1383 watch this video:  

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1. 1. Why are my trash rates changing?
2. 2. Is SB1383 a State mandate?
3. 3. When will residents and businesses be required to separate organic waste?
4. 4. When will the new trash rates go into effect?
5. 5. What will my new trash rate be effective October 1, 2022?
6. 6. What new services are residents entitled to?
7. 7. What new services will benefit the community under the new franchise agreement?
8. 8. Can Athens automatically assign or sell off this agreement to another hauler?
9. 9. How do I protest?
10. 10. Is there an opportunity for public comment?
11. 11. What happens if 51% of property owners oppose the Prop 218 process?
12. 12. Why a 25-year agreement? Why not 10 or 15?
13. 13. How will the City ensure high customer service levels?
14. 14. How will the City ensure rates stay relatively low compared to other cities?