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The City of Santa Paula has selected Clean Power Alliance (CPA) as its new preferred electricity provider. Starting in March 2024, homes and businesses will transition to CPA service and automatically receive clean, competitively priced energy from CPA.

The City of Santa Paula also selected 100% Green Power with 100% renewable energy as its preferred energy option, making the community cleaner and more sustainable for years to come.

Choosing 100% GREEN POWER helps reduce more than 51.6 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gases each year, which is like taking more than 5,200 gasoline-powered cars off the road annually or growing 386,000 trees for a decade.

CPA is the nation’s leader in providing renewable energy and serves as the electricity provider to more than three million residents and businesses in 35 Southern California communities across Los Angeles and Ventura counties. CPA was founded in 2017 and formed as a community choice aggregator (CCA) to give communities local control and energy choices. We are different from investor owned utilities. CPA is governed by a board of directors comprised of elected officials representing every city and county we serve to best meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Why did my city decide to change my electricity provider?

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is a community choice aggregator (CCA) and is organized around local control and choice, providing cities and counties the opportunity to select their electricity provider to best serve residents and businesses. Santa Paula is one of more than 200 communities in California that have selected CCAs to provide their residents and businesses with a choice of energy sources, to increase the amount of renewable energy provided to their community, and to protect the health of residents and future generations by reducing their community’s harmful green house gas emissions. By state law, when a city or county joins a community choice aggregator (CCA) like CPA, customers in that community automatically begin receiving electricity from the CCA at the community’s preferred energy option – which is 100% Green Power for Santa Paula.

What does this mean for you and your electricity bill?

Residents and businesses will automatically transition to CPA service and 100% Green Power starting in March 2024. Southern California Edison (SCE) will continue to send your monthly bill and deliver electricity to your home and/or business. Starting with your first bill in April, you will see charges for electricity supply/generation from CPA on your monthly electricity bill for the renewable energy purchased on your behalf. This is not an added fee or duplicate charges; the CPA charge simply replaces the SCE supply/generation charge from your previous SCE bill. CPA typically accounts for between one-third to one-half of your total electricity bill.

Because renewable energy costs a little bit more, a typical bill for residents and small businesses on 100% Green Powerwill go up approximately 3% or about $3 per $100 of electricity use charges.

How can I save money? I cannot afford a rate increase.

CPA offers three energy options: 100% Green Power, Clean Power, and Lean Power. If you’re looking for the lowest price, Lean Power is your least expensive option, currently providing a 2% total bill discount compared to SCE. If you are enrolled in CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline, you will automatically receive 100% Green Power at a 1% total bill discount to SCE in addition to your existing discounts, which will continue with CPA. You may qualify for a customer assistance program that can help you manage your electricity bill. To learn more, visit

Do you have a choice? Yes!

Regardless of your community’s preferred energy option, at any time customers may choose one of CPA’s two other energy options - Clean Power (with 50% renewable energy) or Lean Power (with 40% clean energy) - or opt out from CPA service and stay with SCE as your electricity provider.

I have solar/I’m thinking about getting solar. How does that work with CPA?

If you already have rooftop solar, thank you for helping make our electricity grid cleaner and greener! Enrollment of your Net Energy Metering (NEM) account with CPA will be deferred until the end of your current SCE/NEM relevant period. Once your account is enrolled with CPA, CPA will provide your NEM generation charges and credits, and will provide Net Surplus Compensation at a rate that is 10% higher than SCE’s. If you are a new solar customer, you will be enrolled in CPA’s new Solar Billing Plan. Either way, being with CPA will ensure that your home or business is powered by 100% renewable energy even when your solar panels aren’t generating electricity.

If I opt out, what will my SCE rate be?

If you opt out prior to, or within 60 days of service launch, you will return to your original SCE rate. If you opt out more than 60 days after service launch, or are located within one of CPA’s existing communities and opt out, you will be placed on a Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) rate by SCE for six months and then return to your original rate. TBS rates are more sensitive to market prices and may be higher or lower than your original SCE rate. Customers who wish to opt out without being placed on the TBS rate should either opt out prior to or within 60 days of service launch or opt-out and elect to remain with CPA for six months after which they will be returned directly to SCE on their original rate.

As a customer of Clean Power Alliance will I still receive Climate Credit on my bill?

Yes, residential and small commercial and agricultural customers will still receive the Climate Credit.

Are Clean Power Alliance customers still eligible to obtain rebates from SCE for energy efficiency and other customer programs?

Yes. The California Public Utilities Commission authorizes SCE to collect fees (called public goods charges) from all customers to fund energy efficiency and other customer programs. SCE still collects these fees from Clean Power Alliance customers, so you remain eligible for these incentives and services.

Understanding Your Bill

Utility bills can be confusing, but Clean Power Alliance strives to keep it simple. Click here for a guide on understanding your electricity bill with CPA.

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If you want to select another CPA energy option, stay with SCE, or compare the cost of electricity bills, we are here to help.

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