Food Business License

I am a Food Vendor; what permits do I need?

  • Food vendors selling within the city limits must have two permits. One from the County of Ventura and one from the City of Santa Paula.
  • A county permit must be acquired before applying for a city permit.
  • For information on how to acquire permits, read below.

How do I procure a County of Ventura Permit?

  • Below are step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a permit from the county. Any references will be made to the county site
    1. Determine the type of Mobile Food Facility (MFF) that will be used:
      • Click on the link above and scroll down to the section titled: TYPES OF MOBILE FOOD FACILITIES and read up on how the county is classifying each type of facility and determine which type will be used in business.
    2. Submit plans to the county for approval:
      • scroll to the section titled: HOW DO I OBTAIN A HEALTH PERMIT FOR MY MOBILE FOOD FACILITY
        • If using an MFF type 1, skip the Plan Review Section.
        • If using another type, submit 2 sets of plans for review, (check site for specifications); do not forget to pay plan review fees.
          • After review, the county will issue an approval letter or an issuance of rejection. In an issuance of rejection, a list of corrections will be provided. Correct plans accordingly and resubmit.
    3. Once plans are approved, build and schedule an inspection:
      • To avoid delays, build the MFF as specified in the approved plans.
      • Once the build is complete, schedule an inspection with the county.
    4. After inspection, ensure all forms are submitted:
      • Once the build passes inspection, pay the permit fee.
      • Also make sure all necessary forms are submitted. Required forms are on the county site in blue hyperlinks.
        • Forms include: Approved Commissary Letter, Mobile Food Route Sheet, and Toilet Facilities Authorization

How do I procure a City of Santa Paula Permit?

  • After you have obtained your county permit, select the application that fits your business from this page. Fill it out and submit for approval