MESA Tank Replacement Project

The City of Santa Paula's Mesa Tanks Replacement project has begun. This project will take place at the location of the existing tanks on the City Parcel. This project involves the construction of two 300,000-gallon tanks, above-ground welded steel tanks, appurtenances, and a retaining wall. This project is intended to replace aging water infrastructure and improve the water system's reliability that serves our residents and the community. 

The construction will be performed by Canyon Springs Enterprises, Inc. and is anticipated to take approximately 18 months. 

For more information or questions, please contact Project Manager Jon Turner, PE, at 805-518-2992 or

Project Updates


The Mesa Tanks Replacement project has removed the east water tank, and work is underway installing the new 8-inch diameter waterline that connects the tank site to the existing waterline to the east.  Work has been hampered by the rain events, but it is anticipated that later this week and into next week, the water line work will continue when no rain is present.   That work will continue for a couple of weeks.  After that, the retaining wall work at the north side of the site will start and continue for approximately 5 weeks.  After that, the replacement tank work will start at the site.


The eastern tank was removed from the site.  The work focuses on the 8-inch diameter water line to be installed in Montclair Place to connect the new tanks to the existing distribution pipeline east of the tank site.  Later this week, the retaining wall subcontractor will arrive and begin setting up their equipment to start the retaining wall layout and construction.  That work will continue for several weeks.  Once the retaining wall work is completed, work will start on the preparation for the installation of the replacement water tank.  That work will extend for several months


The eastern tank has been completely removed from the site.  Work will resume after the rain subsides later this week, depending on the soil conditions.  Later this week and early next, the retaining wall work will start at the site now that the eastern tank has been removed.  Also, waterline work will be started next week, installing a replacement waterline in Montclair Place to reconnect to the water line on Vista Grande.

Reference Documents

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