Economic Development Plan

Main Street

  • Implement Downtown Improvement Plan and Central Business District Zone revisions
  • Provide staff support for adoption and implementation of Business Improvement District
  • Provide active code enforcement
  • Continue Main Street community policing program
  • Enforce commercial trash collection for all Main Street businesses
  • Implement building restoration program – design guidelines, color palette, development standards, and façade improvement program
  • Develop and implement enhanced Main Street streetscape plan (banners, landscaping)
  • Outreach to Spanish speaking downtown merchants
  • Improve pavement conditions of North and South Alleys

Business Development

  • Revitalize Redevelopment Project Areas: 
    • 10th Street Corridor
    • Highway 126 and Hallock Drive
    • East Santa Paula Street
  • Review Master Plan for East Area 1
  • Develop and implement business attraction and retention program for each business segment (retail/commercial/industrial/agriculture)
  • Develop and implement job creation strategy
  • Review Harvard Boulevard Land Use Policies (setbacks, land uses, etc.)
  • Fund industrial/commercial/small business development grants and loans


  • Continue implementation of Tourism Improvement Plan to complement efforts of Heritage Valley Tourism Bureau.
  • Continue implementation of long-range operations and finance plan for California Oil Museum.