Pavement Management and Preventive Maintenance

The City’s Street Maintenance Program is designed to ensure City streets that are in good condition remain that way over a much longer period of time while significantly reducing the amount of costly pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction work in the future.

Pavement maintenance and preservation can double the service life of City streets at half the cost of full pavement rehabilitation. The City Council's adopted 5-Year Pavement Management Plan (PMP) will have the City spending four years resurfacing and improving local streets.  The fifth year of the program will entail pavement maintenance and preservation.   Then, the PMP will repeat.  This program will prevent costly street rehabilitations over the next 20 years.  The City has an annual budget of $1.5 million, which would cover the rehabilitation of one mile of street.  Vehicle weight, traffic volume and climate conditions, such as excessive heat and moisture contribute to the decay of our streets.  The rate of decay exceeds the rate that the City can afford to reconstruct each year.  

The program that the City has developed uses preservation treatments and thin-lift overlays to preserve newer pavement and revitalize older pavement, minimizing the need for reconstruction.