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Dr. Kildare                        1960s
 - need to confirm this
The Fugitive                       1963 - 1968
 - Filmed at Depot
Medical Center                     1969 - 1979
 - Corner of 8th and Pleasant Street
The Name of the Game               1970
- "Island of Gold and Precious Stones"
  - Main Street
Barnaby Jones                      1974
 - "Death on Deposit"
  - Main Street
 - "The Deadly Jinx
Rockford Files                     1976
 - "Coulter City Wildcat"
  - Santa Paula as Coulter City
  - Steckel Drive and W Harvard Blvd
  - Main Street
Lou Grant                          1980
 - "Pack"
  - filmed at the Glen Tavern Inn
The Thorn Birds                    1983
 - filmed at the Depot 
Hardcastle and McCormick           1983 - 1986
 - Eric and Holidae were married at the Church on Railroad Avenue
Highway to Heaven                  1988
 - "Hello and Farewell: Part 1"
  - filmed at the Santa Paula Airport
 - "Hello and Farewell: Part 2"
  - also filmed at Santa Paula Airport
The Outsiders                      1990
 - "Un Combat Inégal"
 -  Town streets, bowling alley exterior, movie theater
Matlock                            1991
 - "The Witness Killings"
 - This TV special was a two-hour movie co-starring local resident and film actor Dion Anderson. Many locals were used as extras.
Melrose Place                      1992 - 1999
 - need to confirm
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 1994
 - After a 1994 fire destroyed their sets in nearby Fillmore, the TV series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” filmed in various locations, including Santa Paula's Ebell (possibly the Teague Mansion).
Big Bad Beetle Borgs               1996 - 1998
 - Main Street was backdrop for fictional Charterville
 - Photos courtesy of John Nichols 
Small Shots                        2003
 - "Teen Kong"
 - Filmed at Santa Paula High School
The West Wing                      2005
 - On the television drama “The West Wing,” Santa Paula is the hometown of fictional presidential candidate Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda). In early 2005, Santa Paula Mayor Mary Ann Krause began a lobbying campaign to have Santa Paula declared Vinick's hometown. In a publicity move for the town, city officials officially "claim[ed] Senator Arnold Vinick as a resident of Santa Paula," in April 2005, and opened an official campaign headquarters for the fictional Republican Senator in the town's train depot. (Santa Paula for Vinick). 
 - On October 14, 2005, NBC released Vinick's official biography and revealed Santa Paula as the town in which he was raised.
Madmen                             2007
 - S1 E12 "Nixon vs. Kennedy" was filmed at the Depot
Glee                               2012
 - Season 3 finale, "Goodbye" highlighted the Depot as "Lima, Ohio"
NCIS                               2013
 - 2013
 - Filmed several scenes at the Airport featuring runway, hanger, and the riverbed
Ghost Adventures                   2013
 - Filmed at Glen Tavern Inn
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.             2014
 - "T.R.A.C.K.S."
 - Used The Fillmore & Western Railway Co.
Retire My Room                     2014
 - "Airstream"
 - "Airstream 2"
The Dead Files                     2014
 - filmed at the Glen Tavern Inn
True Blood                         2014
 - Seen in first three episodes of Season 7
 - First Christian Church on Railroad Avenue
Last Man on Earth                  2015
 - "Alive in Tucson"
 - filmed on Main and Oak Streets
American Horror Story: Roanoke     2016
 - filmed in front of Goodwill on Main Street
Mayans M.C.                        2018, 2020, 2021
 - third season was filmed in October of 2020 and February 2021
 - Article on 2018 filming
 - Photos of Filming October 2020 courtesy of Vanessa Luna
Deez-Hyne Dream Team               2020 - 

Information provided courtesy of Vanessa Luna,