Legislative Affairs

The City of Santa Paula recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels to protect and enhance the interests of Santa Paula’s residents and businesses. Accordingly, City officials and staff maintain close relationships with Santa Paula’s state and federal representatives to advocate, influence and monitor pertinent legislation.



The purpose of the City of Santa Paula’s Legislative Platform is to promote the adoption of state and federal legislation that will establish sound public policy forLegislative Platform Opens in new window responsible local governance; protect and enhance public health, safety and welfare; and aid the City’s delivery of high-quality services to its residents.

The Legislative Platform articulates the City’s positions on issues that are currently, or are anticipated to be, the focus of future legislation by the county, state or federal governments. The overarching position is to challenge county, state, or federal legislation or policies that are overly prescriptive or inflexible with respect to costs, implementation strategies and retaining reasonable local control.


The positions contained in the Platform supplement the broad range of goals, policies and programs reflected in the Santa Paula Strategic Plan, the General Plan, the Municipal Code and other adopted documents. Therefore, advocacy efforts may be based on references articulated in these policy documents as they provide current direction for the City organization. The City's legislative advocacy primary priority areas include:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Labor Relations
  • Land Use Planning
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local Government Finance
  • Parks and Recreation Programs
  • Regional and International Governance
  • Resource Conservation Management
  • Social Service Programs
  • Transportation

Priorities & Process

City departments are authorized to review proposed legislation to determine how it relates to the City's Legislative Platform and to recommend that the Mayor take a position on legislation that the department determines to be "high priority" and write letters, contact legislators, and otherwise communicate the position of the City as appropriate. The Mayor, or his/her designee, after conferring with City staff, may contact with legislators to advocate for or against legislation consistent with the legislative platform.

Before taking a position on any legislation, City staff, and elected officials will conduct the necessary due diligence in respect to any communication or correspondence to ensure the City, nor its residents, are drawn into any controversial or overtly political positions which could lead to distraction or setbacks of productive governance. Where there is doubt, staff will consult with the Mayor as to whether the item warrants full Council consideration.

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