Homeless and Housing Standing Committee


The City Council assigns to the Housing and Homelessness Standing Committee the responsibility to make recommendations to the full City Council on the following issues:

  • Developing strategies to increase the supply of housing, including the supply of affordable housing;
  • Developing strategies to increase the number of shelter beds, both locally and regionally;
  • Considering programs, policies and projects aimed at addressing housing needs in Santa Paula;
  • The state of homelessness in Ventura County and the City of Santa Paula;
  • Current roles played by the City, County and various stakeholders in providing homelessness services;
  • Homelessness support activities of various City Departments, including Police,Public Works and Community Development;
  • Developing strategies with other


City Council
Pedro Chavez, Councilmember
Carlos Juarez, Councilmember

Planning Commissioners 
Aaron Dunkel, Commissioner
Grace Kelly, Commissioner 


Click here to view the most recent agenda (October 4, 2023)