Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program encompasses all the different ways to serve at the Police Department. Please see some of the different ways to volunteer. 

Police Explorers: 

Police Explorers is a group of high school aged, (14-18), students who volunteer in a variety of different duties in support of the police department. This program is designed to develop skills and a better understanding of what police officers encounter and is a great introduction if interested in a career with law enforcement. Explorers are provided with the opportunity to work in a variety of assignments throughout the department and in the community. 

Citizen’s Patrol: 

Citizen’s Patrol is a group of volunteers who perform essential duties in the police department allowing for officers to focus on duties only sworn officers can do. Citizen’s Patrol volunteers serve their community in a non-hazardous and non-enforcement capacity while providing tremendous support to the department and their community. 


Our Records Unit handles the front desk, all cases, outgoing and incoming communication. Record’s volunteers assist the department from the station and have the opportunity to help with customer service and clerical work. 


Volunteers are expected to contribute 20 hours per month or 60 hours in a 3 month period. Must attend training meetings. Must be in good health. Computer skills and Bi-lingual are beneficial. Citizen’s who sign up to volunteer will undergo a thorough background check and will be carefully screened for their decision making, judgement, and ability to communicate and contribute to a team. Training will be provided based upon what area you are volunteering in. Citizen’s Patrol will be provided with a uniform free of charge.

Contact Us: 

If you are interested in Volunteering please fill out the Volunteer Application. For more information please call 805-525-4474 ext. 127 to learn more.