East Area Two Gateway Project

East Area Gateway Project (East Area Two)

The East Gateway Project would implement the City's plans for the East Area 2 Planning Area as set forth in the Santa Paula General Plan. It would also fulfill Condition Number 22 of Ventura County Local Agency Formation Commission ("LAFCo") Resolution Number 10-12 (adopted March 16, 2011) approving the East Area 1 reorganization ("East Area 1 Project").

As proposed, the East Gateway Project involves:

  • A General Plan Amendment (to the Land Use Element)
  • Pre-zoning and adoption of a Specific Plan for a portion of the project area
  • A series of related actions including jurisdictional reorganization (annexation)

Project Location

The East Gateway Project is located in Ventura County on the eastern edge of the City of Santa Paula. The Project is located along State Route 126. The East Gateway Project is within the East Area 2 Planning Area as designated by the Santa Paula General Plan on the eastern edge of the City of Santa Paula, and consists of approximately 94.5 acres of land.

The 36.4 acre East Gateway Specific Plan portion of the Project area includes a parcel (to be annexed) just outside of the eastern limit of the City's current boundary and three adjacent vacant parcels already within the City.

East Area 2 Annexation Project Information

The City held a public hearing January 22, 2013, the project and requested annexation-East Area 2, including the East Gateway and East Gateway Specific Plan were approved. On May 15, 2013, LAFCO approved the City's request for annexation and August 2013, the annexation was recorded.