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2022 City Water Standard Details are Available.

The updated Water Standard Details can be found here.  

These standards supersede Section 1 of the City's 2009 Standard Details.

Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Tips

Please look at the below document for the Water Division's frequently asked questions.  If you do not see your question in this FAQ, please call us at 805-933-4211 and select option 1.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is important to Santa Paula’s future! Water conservation is a critical issue in California, since we are again faced with a severe water-related shortage.

As a result of continued need for water use and environmental drought conditions, all Californians are being asked to help reduce their water use today, so there is enough in the future for all of our needs.

Home Water Use Statistics

According to California’s Water conservation Resource Agency, the average Californian uses 192 gallons per day. At least 50% of the water use in a single-family home may go to the outside landscape or lawn. Activities like bathing, cleaning, and flushing toilets (typically up to 32% alone) use more than half of all water used inside the home.

Did you know that a traditional toilet uses 3.5 to more than 5 gallons of water per flush, while newer High Efficiency toilets use as little as 1.28 to 0.8 gallons per flush? That is a savings of 45 gallons a day or 23,000 gallons of water a year.

For More Information

The City of Santa Paula is doing its best to conserve water its daily operations and encourages all residents to learn how they can help California’s water shortage by implementing a few ideas and tips in their homes.

For more information on water conservation, and money saving rebates please visit the City's Water Conservation page, or the Save Our Water, and the DrinkTap websites.

Or take a look at the below document for how to check leaks

Urban Water Management Plan

The City is required to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) as per requirements by the California Department of Water Resources (California Water Code, Section 10610-10656).

The UWMP provides planning information on the reliability and future availability of the City’s water supply.  The plan is required to be updated every five years. 

Other Useful Information

Please feel free to read these documents for more useful information.