In Memory

This page is dedicated to the two Santa Paula police officers that died in the line of duty.

A portrait of a mustached man named Henry Newton Norman, wearing a suit.Henry Newton Norman

Died November 25, 1913.

According to newspaper accounts at the time, Marshall Henry Norman was investigating a report of shots fired in the area of East Main Street. Night Watchman James Gamel accompanied Marshall Norman. During their investigation they were directed by witnesses to the area of Ventura Mill and Lumber Yard where additional shots were heard.

As they approached the area four persons were seen, all carrying guns. Marshall Norman ordered them to drop their weapons, but instead they immediately began to shoot at the two officers. A hail of gunfire erupted from both sides with Marshall Norman being hit in the chest. He died two days later of his wounds.

A signed portrait of a man named James E. Barmore, wearing a suit.James E. Barmore

Died February 9, 1953.

Officer Barmore was known as a popular young traffic officer (27 years old). On the night of February 9th at approximately 6 pm Officer Barmore was responding to a motor vehicle accident reported in the area of Mupu School. Even though the location of the accident was outside city limits, Officer Barmore was responding until the Highway Patrol could arrive on scene.

Witnesses stated they observed Officer Barmore operating his police motorcycle on Ojai Road in the vicinity of Saticoy Street with lights and siren. He passed a pick-up truck that had pulled over to let him by. Just after that, the motorcycle was seen to be in difficulties and 50 feet after the truck it went out of control. 

An ambulance had been following Officer Barmore to the scene stopped, gave assistance and transported him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police Memorial

On May 21, 2011 a Police Memorial was dedicated in memory of these two officers. It is located in the park on Santa Barbara Street next to the Train Depot.


2020 Peace Officer Memorial - POAVC

On May 7th we honored those Ventura County Peace Officers who gave all in service to their community. Please take a moment to view this video remembering and honoring their sacrifice. 

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