Gloved hands using an evidence dusting brush.Detectives

The Investigations Unit, also known as Detectives, is responsible for investigating major crimes and felonies committed in the City of Santa Paula. One Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and four Detectives staff the Investigations Unit. The Unit also includes crime analysis, crime prevention, and a Crime Scene Investigations Team (BI).

Cases & Leads

Investigators review assigned cases for solvability and investigative leads. Leads include:

  • Biological evidence such as blood and hair
  • Documents; bank records, for exampleOfficer and K-9 unit seated beside a table topped with money.
  • Fingerprints
  • Physical evidence
  • Statements from victims and witnesses
  • Surveillance photos

Cases are aggressively investigated using both traditional methods and the latest technology. 

Suspended Cases

An investigator suspends a case only if sufficient leads do not exist or cannot be established. A suspended case can be re-opened if new leads are discovered.

Special Enforcement Unit

The primary focus of the Santa Paula Police Department Special Enforcement Unit is to reduce fear of crime and victimization in a manner that elicits public support and approval. We will use available resources in a fair but firm manner that results in the greatest benefit to the community and the Santa Paula Police Department.


The Special Enforcement Unit’s main objective is to improve capability for immediate apprehension of persons suspected of criminal activity emphasize enforcement activities aimed at the reduction of target crimes: robbery, aggravated assault, narcotic violations, gang activity. 

The SEU Team maintains disciplined officers that are committed to continuous improvement and ready to respond to the needs of the community. They provide pro-active enforcement in city areas that may require specialized police presence in order to suppress and curtail crime. The SEU Team provides assistance and support to other sections within the Santa Paula Police Department, specifically the Investigations Unit.

Personnel / Hours

The SEU Team is allotted one Senior Officer, and 2 Police Officers. The SEU Team usually works during evening hours; however, due to their overwhelming commitment to the community, their work days and hours vary.