Long Range Planning & Special Studies

The General Plan

The General Plan is the fundamental policy document of the City of Santa Paula, providing the framework for managing the City's physical and economic resources now and in the future.

The General Plan is currently being updated. The update is a process of clarifying, articulating and integrating the City's intentions and policies with the rights and expectations of the community; including residents, property owners, and businesses.

A General Plan Update works best as a collaborative effort of citizens personally invested in their City.

Decision-makers will use the updated General Plan as a blueprint for:

  • Allocation of fiscal resources
  • Choices about the use of land
  • Conservation and development of new housing
  • Expansion of City boundaries
  • Population growth
  • Protection of environmental resources
  • Provision of infrastructure and public and human services
  • Safeguarding from natural and man-made hazards

General Plan Documents

The City of Santa Paula's General Plan consists of several elements and related appendices:

General Plan Map

For more information on the area covered by the Santa Paula General Plan, view the General Plan Map (PDF).

Sphere of Influence Map

Separate from the General Plan, a Sphere of Influence is a planning boundary, often outside of the usual city limit line, established by the regional Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) that designates the city's probable future boundary and service area.

For more information, view the LAFCo Sphere of Influence Map (PDF).