Start a Business

General Guide to Starting a Business

Starting a business is a difficult decision at best. While there is no single source that outlines all required procedures, the steps provided on this page have been developed to assist you in starting your business. Many of these steps can be researched and accomplished by visiting the websites provided, rather than calling or visiting agency offices.

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Evaluate Your Needs & Determine Your Location

The City's Economic Development department can assist you in determining a path to start your business, expand an existing business, or find a new location. Department staff can provide information on:

  • Available incentives
  • Business loans
  • Site selection
  • Workforce recruitment

The Department also provides consulting to new and existing businesses.

For More Information

To receive assistance or consulting, contact the Economic Development department at:
City of Santa Paula
Economic Development Department
Community Development Building
200 S Tenth Street
Santa Paula, CA 93060
Phone: 805-933-4245
Fax: 805-525-6660
Email the Economic Development Department 

To obtain additional details, you may refer to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration's website, which provides specific guidelines on how to obtain permits and licenses, as well as how to file and report accurately.