Major Initiatives

What's Happening in Santa Paula?

The people behind your city are always working to keep us safe, healthy, and moving. Beyond daily needs, we also work on long-term initiatives to better Santa Paula. This web page is meant to provide residents with a summary of these initiatives that reflect the City’s commitment to cultivating new and better ways to ensure Santa Paula remains a vibrant community for years to come.

You can find out more about Santa Paula’s major initiatives by exploring the links below. 

2023-2025 City Council Strategic Goals

Legislative Platform

American Rescue Plan Act

Harvard Boulevard Sewer Pipeline and Water Mainline Replacement Project

MESA Tanks Project

Learn more about the city MESA tank project intended to replace aging water infrastructure and improve the water system's reliability that serves our residents and the community. 

2024 Districting Process

Learn more about the districting process, and help draw City Council Districts.

Chevron Union Oil Building Property Donation

Learn more about the Union Oil Building, and provide input during the upcoming workshops.

Santa Paula Waste Franchise Agreement with Athens Services

On August 3, the Santa Paula City Council adopted a resolution awarding an exclusive solid waste franchise agreement to Athens Services and directed City staff to initiate the Proposition 218 process. To ensure the costs associated with implementing new state legislation are covered, the agreement includes rate adjustments for all customers beginning October 1.

Cultural Arts Council

Local arts agencies (LAAs) promote, support, and develop the arts at the local level, working to sustain the health and vitality of the arts and artists while striving to integrate arts, culture, and creativity into the daily lives of all members of its community.

Find out more information about our Cultural Arts Council, and how you can participate. 


Find out more about Santa Paula's meetings, ordinances, and votes on Cannabis.

East Area One Project

Have a look at the development project for East Area One.

East Area Two Gateway Project

The East Gateway Project implements the City’s plans for the East Area 2 Planning Area as set forth in the Santa Paula General Plan.

Santa Paula West Business Park

Search through documents about this city project.

Other City Project Documents

Learn more about a variety of City projects undertaken in Santa Paula.